cesáreo crowns in the local places of Yiwu

posted on 25 Jan 2016 15:46 by yiwuagent

These kinds of years, our city’s e-business industry is continuing to grow dramatically and on the net transaction volume will be increasing year simply by year, which has successfully realized mutual advertising and co-prosperity associated with tangible Yiwu market as well as intangible market. Yet just because online market place can bring fat income, some illegal people avail themselves in the opportunity to get in to promote goods which are in opposition to intellectual property or perhaps counterfeit and poor and damage consumers’ rights and pursuits.

Therefore , online sector supervision becomes a significant work of the section of industry and also commerce at present. Beneath the background of the specific action “Purify Market” carried out dramatically in all of city, to strengthen on the internet supervision is also the top measure to realize cleaning market and guarding intellectual property. Yiwu HuangYuan Market The particular municipal bureau regarding industry & marketing actively explores and also creates supervision considered, adopts the style of hooking up “online patrol” to be able to “site inspection”, along with carries out checking work together with dominant emphasis, methods and plans.


From your end of '08 to now, typically the municipal bureau involving industry & trade has insisted around the idea “Make that strict for e-business supervision, Regulate on-line transaction action, Improve measures against phony and shoddy items online”; Yiwu Hotels it has established a detachment in control of verifying online situations, focused on monitoring big-scale e-business online wholesales enterprises, controlled often the circulating hinge connected with online goods, in the meantime patrolled the common internet vendors by comparing throughout online and offline ways inside daily time, anxious on guiding in addition to inspecting Taobao retailers with four or five cesáreo crowns in the local places of Yiwu, and set up very good image for the regional credit stores.