Yiwu City sectors and units really should earnestly

posted on 13 Jun 2015 15:12 by yiwuagent
Yiwu city leaders to acquire the relevant functional division on-site inspections with the Import Commodities Sensible exhibition venues, in order to deploy the security job.Check the group approaching see, for energy lines Yiwu spots, exhibition materials were being carefully review, as well as the problems identified to get corrections.
In the after that meeting of the yiwu agent Import Commodities Considerable security work survey, Yiwu units, sections have put forward distinct measures to improve the security program along with move it apparent that during the exhibit, will strengthen evaluation and supervision, check up and timely modification We discovered security and safety risks.Inspection System, Yiwu Night Market City sectors and units really should earnestly fulfill the jobs of a security approach, and in accordance together with the requirements of standard hundred percent ended up implemented.
Import Everything Fair for Unknown more goods plus much more buyers and more attributes, focusing on fire in addition to police and other major work to strengthen often the inspection, good provider in the diet, methods, religion and customs, the maintenance of good get and exhibitors. In addition, carry out all places and music galas, Oktoberfest security do the job.